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Stock Guide Germany 2016

Stock Guide Germany 2016 covers all 160 stocks of German stock indices DAX / MDAX / SDAX / TecDAX. On more than 350 pages each company is introduced on a double page. There are (if available) a ten years' overview, a description, various data and numbers as well as diagrams. Companies are arranged in alphabetical order within the indices and can be found easily using an overview.

Example double page:

Data: - 352 pages
- 160 stocks
- ten years' overviews (if available)
- softcover / din A5 / black-and-white
- language: English
- Price: €29,99 VAT-exempt (according to §19 USTG (Germany))
- free worldwide shipping

Content: - Types of stock companies in Germany (1 page)
- Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien (KGaA) (2 pages)
- Real-Estate-Investment-Trust (REIT) (2 pages)
- Stock types in Germany (2 pages)
- Applied ratios and terms (9 pages)
- List of covered stocks (4 pages)
- Double pages for all companies out of DAX / MDAX / SDAX / TecDAX


One copy costs €29,99 (VAT-exempt according to §19 USTG (Germany)). Free shipping globally.

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Please let me know in your e-mail, if address for dispatch and invoice address differ.

General Information:
- Contract language is English.
- Warranty information: Legal warranty is applied.
- Please note the Cancellation Policy. You will find a Model Cancellation Form here.

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